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We believe that early treatment of childhood pathologies is the most effective solution regarding disease prevention in adulthood: the therapeutic outcomes tend to confirm the increasingly growing interest of parents in thermal therapies and the increase in the number of children undergoing treatments.

A new and innovative opportunity to talk about the advantages of spa treatments to families, doctors and children: our mascot was born appearing as a sulfur crystal who presents and introduces treatment and prevention methods, accompanying the little ones to learn about the history of Terme Caronte and recognize the benefits of its thermal waters in terms of health and well-being, through a form of communication more familiar to them; capable of arousing interest and stimulate their curiosity and imagination. With the same goal, we chose to create a publication, dedicated to children, which is the beginning of a wonderful journey with brief information and fun experiments to do at home, as well as daily activities to carry out during the twelve days of treatment.

Leave us your drawings in the appropriate folder found in the Spa Hall, where you can find them published online on Zolfolo's Instagram profile.

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