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The sulphurous-sulphate-alkaline-earthy-iodic-arsenical Caronte thermomineral water comes to light richly mineralized from the long and deep underground path in calcareous and crystalline soils at 38°C. It is among the most important springs in Italy due to its proven therapeutic efficacy.  The Caronte Spa represents a precious ally for health thanks to the beneficial effects that the thermo-mineral water, with a high content of hydrogen sulphide, exerts on organs and systems.
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In sulphurous thermal waters the main component is hydrogen sulphide, contained in a quantity equal to or greater than 1 mg per litre; Fonte Caronte thermal waters contain 19mg/litre. Its anti-inflammatory properties treat and prevent diseases of the respiratory tract, nose, throat and ear, through inhalations, aerosols, humage, tubal catheterizations. These healing properties make it the essential ingredient that transforms muds, baths and irrigations into truly healthy treatments, indicated in the treatment of arthroreumatic, dermatological and gynecological pathologies.

Vaginal irrigations
Vaginal irrigations with baths

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