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This is what Bernardino Ramazzini, doctor of the Este court and academic, advised in the second half of the seventeenth century- suggesting practices aimed at promoting health. Over time this approach has proven to be a valid ally for health.  


In the pediatric age, the preventive aspect is especially important compared to prophylaxis, which also maintains its specific function.


The therapeutic properties of our sulfurous waters are particularly indicated in the prevention of rhinogenic deafness and pathologies in children, especially of preschool age, whose immune system is not yet fully developed and therefore more exposed to chronic infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract, and chronic and recurrent ear problems. Our pediatric department welcomes them in an environment dedicated to them, in which they can carry out their treatments happily. 


Sulfurous waters are mainly used in chronic infections of the respiratory tract and oto-rhino-larynx, treatment and prevention of rhinogenic deafness, outcomes of pneumonia, whooping cough, measles, and dry non-irritated dermatoses. For parents who would like to learn more about the topic, see information booklet no.17 Thermal medicine in pediatrics - Treatment and prevention.

If neglected, lung diseases can become chronic in adults and lead to respiratory failure in old age.


“Zolfolo” is a small sulfur crystal, the mascot that guides the little ones to discover the Caronte spa and the treatment and prevention methods.

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