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In the center of Calabria, on the slopes of the Reventino mountain group, overlooking the Gulf of Sant'Eufemia, healthy waters have flowed for over two thousand years which have, with the effectiveness of their therapeutic properties, cured Bruzi, Greeks, Romans and Normans.
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Cristallo di Zolfo
Acqua termale nella vasca di maturazione del fango
Anno di fondazione Terme Caronte
The sulphurous waters of the Caronte spring, the most important and representative so much so as to give the name to the spa, present themselves due to their peculiar characteristics suitable for the most diverse pathologies also for their right temperature: around 39°C, which does not require any intervention. They come to light richly mineralized from the long and deep underground path in limestone and crystalline soils. The temperature is around 39°C. it is due to the high geothermal gradient of the area, the great depth and the speed of ascent; they find the exit in a secondary branch of the so-called great Catanzaro fault, which goes from Capo Suvero to Capo Stalettì.
The waters of the Caronte Baths have been known since ancient times. According to authoritative historians, they should be identified with the "Aquae Angae" of the Roman Itineraries, as indicated on the Tabula Peutingeriana (ancient Roman road map showing the route of the cursus publicus, the road network of the Roman Empire.).


According to others, their knowledge dates back to Homeric times, as from the "Cassandra" of the Greek poet Lycophron and depicted in some coins of the ancient city of Terina. What is certain is that, at the time of the Normans, the waters were already known and appreciated. Robert Guiscard, with his militias, would in fact have been waiting near the springs in 1056 to recover from the fatigue of a battle. 

Starting from the 16th century, there are numerous citations on the therapeutic goodness of these waters, which are still confirmed today as among the most prestigious in Italy.


The history of Terme Caronte and the Cataldi family represent an extraordinary example of continuity, commitment, and passion that spans three centuries. It is truly rare for a single family to maintain leadership of a company for so long; preserving and enriching a wealth of experiences and memories. From 1716- with Gian Galeano Cataldi’s purchasing of the land and transforming it into a spa- to the present day, Terme Caronte has played a fundamental role in the care and well-being of people. The evolution from a spa into a health centre recognised by the Ministry of Health, along with the introduction of new therapies such as mud and inhalation treatments, testify to the Cataldi family’s dedication in responding to needs and changes over time. It has been going on for nine generations, always keeping the focus on the well-being and health of its guests. In a world where change is the only constant, the history of Terme Caronte reminds us of the importance of continuity, passion, and attention to detail in pursuing excellence and best serving its guests.

Terme Caronte S.p.A.
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