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Scientific notebook n.°17: “Thermal Medicine in Paediatrics - State of Health” - Evaluation of the effectiveness of thermal therapy in children aged 1 to 14 years.
Thermal treatments represent a wonderful procedure of childcare and child hygiene. They constitute one of the most active and effective means of prophylaxis for the normal organic evolution of childhood and of therapy to treat its deviations. With spa treatments the child develops better and consequently grows better. This study, in children who underwent spa treatments, found a reduction in hospital admissions, medical visits, medications taken, and absences from school. Moreso, there were profound benefits (no acute episodes) in 54% of cases.


Scientific notebook n.°16: “Sulphurous Mud Bath Therapy in Rheumatology - State of Health”

The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of the mud bath therapies carried out at Terme Caronte, on the health and quality of life of the patient suffering from rheumatic pathology in the PHYSICAL and FUNCTIONAL realms, verifying the effects on the main symptoms that afflict the patient (pain-stiffness).


Scientific notebook n.°15: “Evaluation-Effectiveness of Thermal Treatment”

This study evaluated the Effectiveness-Benefit combination of thermal therapies with sulfurous water from the Caronte springs. The evaluation was carried out through an interview during the medical examination, on a sample of 3,000 subjects (over several seasons). After the thermal therapy, in the following years, there was a decrease in hospital admissions, pharmacological treatments/medical visits, and work absences. It emerged that 99% of the patients declared that they had benefited from the spa treatment.


Scientific notebook n.°14: “Sulphurous Balneotherapy in Dermatoses treatment”

Sulfur waters, like those of the Caronte springs, are among the most utilized thermal waters in dermatological diseases. This study confirmed and highlighted the therapeutic and beneficial effects of thermal therapy on some skin diseases. The conclusion is that Sulfur Balneotherapy is a curative and preventive method that can be integrated with the pharmacological one with the aim of strengthening its effects and decreasing its dosage to benefit the patient.

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