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The Museum of Terme Caronte was founded in 2011 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, from the desire to share our extraordinary history with the public. Terme Caronte S.p.A. boasts an exclusivity of management that began way back in 1716, with Gian Galeano Cataldi, illustrating a family dedication and with a wealth of engaging memories that spans three centuries.
Vittorio Emanuele III - Nomina a senatore Carlo Cataldi
Oggetti ambulatorio medico
Sacchetto fango termale
Fotografie d'epoca
Carlo Cataldi - Medaglie
While waiting to be located in the designated location, the historic 1914 Caronte building, you can visit it in the temporary setup on the second floor of the treatment building.

The itinerary is divided into several sections: Business History, Historical Archive of the Cataldi family, with particular emphasis on the figures of Garibaldi's Giovanni Maria Cataldi (1812-1886) and his son Carlo Napoleone (1843-1934), Senator of the Kingdom, Art and Byzantine Culture in the Lamezzo territory and Archeology in the Thermal Area.

Display cases of historical documents, photos, correspondence and spa equipment, archives and written account books, up to mechanization and the first computers.


Guida esposizione museale Terme Caronte
Guida Terme Caronte
Museum (146 pagine)
€ 5,00
Patrioti, politici, imprenditori - Nunzio Greco
Nunzio Greco, "Patrioti, politici, imprenditori". (392 pagine)
Rubbettino Editore
€ 20,00 anzichè € 25,00
Giovanni Nicotera attraverso l'archivio cataldi - Leone L. Stancati F.
L. Leone - F. Stancati
"Giovanni Nicotera
attraverso le carte dell'archivio Cataldi" (204 pagine)
F.lli Gigliotti Editori
€ 15,00 anzichè €18,00
Le Terme Caronte nel tempo - Dora Anna Rocca
Dora Anna Rocca,
"LeTerme Caronte nel
Tempo". (208 pagine)
Citta' Calabriaedizioni
€ 10,00
Acque e bagni termo-minerali nel regno delle due sicilie - Nunzio Greco
Nunzio Greco,
"Acque e bagni termominerali nel Regno delle Due Sicilie: Il caso Calabria". (239 pagine)
F.lli Gigliotti Editori
€ 15,00
Speciale Terme Caronte - Storicittà
Terme Caronte S.p.A.
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