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How to access the spa with the NHS? 

All you need is a prescription from your GP, complete with the diagnosis and your health ID card. 


How long before the treatment can I check-in? 

Check-ins and perfunctory checks of vitals are available every day from 8:00 to 11:30. We recommend carrying out the visit with our doctors the week before the start of the treatment. The visit with the Spa doctors is mandatory. 


How long does a treatment cycle last? 

All treatments are twelve-day cycles. 


Do treatments need to be booked? 

Yes, all treatments are subject to booking, except for inhalation treatments.


How much time do I have to complete the treatment with the NHS? 

Treatments covered by the NHS must be completed within 60 days from the beginning of the therapy. 


How long is the doctor's prescription valid for? 

One calendar year. 


How much does the NHS ticket cost? 

The ticket is 55 euros. 


Is it possible to do more than one cycle per year with the NHS? 

No, only those disabled by service, war and similar can benefit from a second cycle of treatment as long as it is different from the first. 


Can I come to the Spa with the prescription from another region? 

Yes. The prescription can be red or dematerialized. It is essential that any exemption codes present on it have national validity. 


What else can I treat at Terme Caronte? 

Ear irrigations to remove excess earwax, mole diagnosis, and computerized mapping of skin growths are also available at our Terme. 


How long can you stay in thermal water? 

The medical success of the thermal bath cannot be forced by extending the duration of the bath. On the contrary: less time in thermal water is often more useful. A daily bath in thermal water is sufficient to obtain the desired effects. 


Are thermal baths tiring? 

Immersing yourself in thermal water- whether a bubble bath or hydromassage- helps improve circulation, allowing the blood to flow faster and carry out its regeneration of the muscles. This repair process requires energy, and that is why we can experience increased tiredness or drowsiness. 


Should I shower after a thermal bath? 

It is recommended not to shower after the thermal bath; this will wash away the medical components present in the water, reducing their effect.


Is thermal water good for hair? 

Yes, thermal water is ideal for the scalp, it nourishes and strengthens it, allowing the hair to grow stronger and healthier. 


Does thermal water rejuvenate? 

Since it has an alkaline pH and is rich in minerals and trace elements, Caronte’s thermo-mineral water helps purify and repair skin cells affected by harmful free radicals. This helps increase skin elasticity and prevent premature aging. The sulfur contained in the water, in addition to having an exfoliating and soothing action, improves collagen synthesis and cellular respiration. 


Is thermal water antibacterial? 

Yes, Caronte’s thermo-mineral water is naturally antibacterial. Because it contains minerals such as sulfur, magnesium, sodium, zinc, etc, it acts against pimples and redness of the skin, as well as refreshes and hydrates. 


Is thermal water good for acne? 

Thermal water and balneotherapy can be considered a valid option for combined therapy in patients suffering from acne, especially in the summer season when most topical and systemic anti-acne therapies are contraindicated. 


Do the thermal baths smell? 

What you smell (similar to the smell of rotten eggs) is hydrogen sulfide, the main ingredient that makes the Caronte hot spring so good for your health. It is the quantity of sulfur contained in the soil that makes the difference: the water rising to the surface from the subsoil is enriched and dissolves the minerals in it, and in particular sulfur, which reacts with hydrogen to form the smelly hydrogen sulfide. 


Does thermal water help against sunburn? 

Due to its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, thermal water is also useful for sunburns, insect bites and other skin irritations. It also gives excellent results in the aftermath of second and third degree burns. 


How does ozone affect the body? 

The properties of ozone are multiple: Antibacterial and antiviral action. Anti-inflammatory and anti-edema action due to reduction of pro-inflammatory substances, stimulation of neoangiogenesis and increase in the production of antioxidant enzymes. 


What does mud do for the body? 

Just like in Cleopatra's time, therapeutic muds are still highly appreciated today for their ability to eliminate impurities and toxins, soften the skin, improve circulation and relieve pain. The minerals contained in the mud retain heat, allowing the muscles to relax, stimulate blood flow and improve the functioning of the lymphatic system. The matured Terme Caronte mud has a powerful effect of absorbing and diluting harmful toxins from the body.


Does mud cleanse the skin?

The minerals present in Terme Caronte’s mud exfoliate dead skin cells, sebum and other impurities, making the skin appear cleaner, brighter and less porous.

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